Anti-Fraud Program

I. SP+ Values by the President and Chief Executive Officer

Our company's growth over the years has been supported by an unwavering commitment to sound business practices and ethical behavior. Three specific corporate values are at the forefront of this commitment:


  1. Integrity: Committing to behavior that reflects well on our character and reputation.
  2. Excellence: Continuously striving for higher quality in who we are and everything we do for our clients, customers, stakeholders and each other.
  3. Innovation: Encouraging creative and "outside-the-box" thinking in everything we do, and delivering industry-leading products and services.


These are SP+'s values. We use them every day as the platform from which we make decisions, develop solutions and serve our clients and customers.

One simple component of our integrity value is doing what you say you are going to do. The challenging part of this component is in its execution, since personal integrity is on the line with every promise made.

In each facility we manage, we commit to our clients that we will collect and report accurate revenues. We promise our customers that we will provide excellent service to meet and exceed their expectations. We affirm to our stockholders that our performance will be based on a business model that will protect and grow their investments in our company. Our integrity is put to the test each time we make a promise, from showing up to a meeting on time to certifying our quarterly financial statements.

When we perceive our integrity is being compromised, we have a responsibility to address the situation. In such situations, silence connotes acceptance, and our employees are expected to not tolerate affronts to our integrity.

SP+ became the industry leader through its unwillingness to compromise its integrity. I ask each employee to affirm this value and commit to behavior that reflects well on our character and our reputation.

II. What is Fraud III. What is the Purpose of an Anti-Fraud Program? IV. How Can We Prevent and/or Detect Fraud? V. How Do We Report Fraud VI. How Is Alleged Fraud Investigated and What Are the Consequences VII. Who Is Responsible For Implementing The Anti-Fraud Program VIII. Questions about the Program
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